23 Jul 2010

Nandodemo / 何度でも



一度巣を壊されても繰り返し挑戦するクモさんを見て勇気づけられた一日でした。そして 大好きなドリカムの歌が聞きたくなりました。
♬ 何度でも 何度でも何度でも何度でも 立ち上がり呼ぶよ
きみの名前 声が涸れるまで
がんばれない時も きみを思い出すよ

10000回だめで かっこ悪くても
10001回目は 何か 変わるかもしれない


(Dreams Come True 「何度でも」)

Yesterday I found a microscopic spider building a web on my bike.
I remember how I moved it aside.

To my surprise I found the same spider making a new web on the wall next to my bike parking spot later that day.
This morning it was still working on its "web project", and somehow that made me smile.

I like how the spider keeps trying even though it did not succeed the first time.
Which made me want to listen to the song "Nando demo" (No matter how many times) by the J-Pop group 'Dreams Come True'.

♪Again and again and again
I will get back on my feet and shout
shout your name until my voice becomes hoarse

When I feel I hit the ground, and I start to feel weak
when I just cannot find the way out
I will think of you and pull myself together

Because even if I fail 10000 times and I look like a fool
maybe the 10001st time things will change

So hold on, do not look back, when you are about to give up - shout! 

...Tomorrow may be that 10001st time...♬