16 Nov 2011

SÆSON/ayanomimi - award winning Danish design

SÆSON by ayanomimi: The 2nd place at Creative Business Cup 2011!!! 
ayanomimi received 25.000 DKK + business springboard sessions by Connect Denmark and Insights Nordic! The great final event was held yesterday at Copenhagen City Hall. 

Creative Business Cup is an annual competition for creative entrepreneurs who link creativity to profitable business concepts. 

The competition is organised by CKO (The Center for Culture and Experience Economy) - a government funded agency focusing on creating growth through increased collaboration between the Danish cultural sector and the business society. 

「2011年 第二回クリエイティブ・起業家コンペティション」で準優勝いたしました!



「クリエイティブ・ビジネスカップ ファイナリストのPV」も是非ご覧ください→ PVを見る