11 Mar 2012

Never forget, never give up - Japan / ガンバレ日本

Never forget March 11 2011
Never give up! Japan!

My thoughts goes to all the people who have been affected by the triple-disaster. A deep respect goes to those who work in order to rebuild Tohoku, rescue workers who still search for the missing people so that their remaining souls can be returned to their families, and a deep respect to all the Japanese people who make an effort in order to move on - together.

One year after LINKS:

Pharrell and Verbal ♡ Japan. One year after 311 /ファレル、そして世界が憧れる日本
VICE Tokyo / Pharrell

On March 30 2012: wishes, thoughts, and prayers were sent with fireworks in to heaven. Arranged by the volunteers of Schop-Dan. / 「天国にぶっ放せ」願いと祈りを込めて2012年3月10日にスコップ団により花火2万発打ち上げられた。
Shooting up to Heaven - Fireworks for the 20.000 lost souls 

Never forget the risks that come with nuclear power plants. It's time to rethink the power grid and usage. / 1000万人さよなら原発。
Sayonara nukes 10 million in action

BBC reports about the possibilities of sustainable energy. / BBCがリポートする日本の最新エネルギー技術
Tsunami steers Japan tech innovation - sustainable smart town

After one year of hard work... / BBCの写真リポート。日本人の生る強さと復興への道が世界のニュースで報道されています。世界も忘れない311。これからもずっと祈り続けます。
BBC Images then and now