1 Nov 2009

Mr.Akapula / Mr.アカプラの大冒険 Vol.1



宇宙のレストランがすっかり気に入ってしまうMr.アカプラは地球に帰って来れるのでしょうか?    つづく

ayanomimi Ground Design (Japanese)

"Mr. Akapula" is the title of a cartoon series that I wrote when I was 10. 'Aka' means 'red' in Japanese and '-pula' is a abbreviation of 'pulastic' (which is how you pronounce 'plastic' in Japanese).

What inspired me to write the story was a red plastic 'thing' to close a bag with Japanese beads, which I got when I was a kid. To me it looked like a red man wearing a hat, and so the story began.

"Mr. Akapula" is an alien living on earth, who use his inventions to travel and explorer different planets in the universe. The first story, out of eight in the series, is called 'The big adventure of Mr. Akapula'.

In this story Mr.Akapula finds and fixes a magic hat that takes him to a restaurant on a different planet. The food is amazing, but Mr.Akapula gets in trouble... Will he be able to make it safely back to the earth again...?    To be continued