15 Dec 2009

Hopenhagen part 2 - ホペンハーゲン part2 (日本語文スクロール)

The days of Hopenhagen have been inspiring, dynamic, and full of positive vibe. Hopenhagen has created a focus on what we people share regardless of our background.
It was great to see the stream of 30.000 people (representing 438 NGOs, 67 nations) marching through the city on Saturday. "Change the politics, not the climate" was just one of many messages to the politicians at Cop15.

I think Cop15 has given us the opportunity to test our human capacities, - the capacity to learn, innovate, accept, respect and understand, or at least make an effort to try to understand 'the other' that we tend to fear in many context. We have to focus on what we share.

Japan is aiming for 25% cut in carbon emissions by 2020 and has at an early stage announced to unveil 10 bln. dollars over three years in climate aid to developing countries. Well aware of the fact that money alone does not solve the problem, for the first time in my life I see an ambitious plan from the Japanese government, which I think is positive. Japan needs to take initiative and responsibility (and make it explicit) as the second largest economy of the world. 

I hope that the political outcome of the conference will reflect global solidarity with respect for local diversity. 

 ... And then it started to snow in Hopenhagen! As it use to do during this time of the year.
'Snow in December in Hopenhagen gives me hope!'

「ホペンハーゲン」Part 2