10 Dec 2009

Supporting Hopenhagen 「ホペンハーゲン」を応援します(日本語文スクロール)

The  United Nations Climate Change Conference 'COP 15' is currently taking place in Copenhagen.
For a period of 14 days, my hometown is hosting a conference where representatives from more than 100 nations will share thoughts, debate and hopefully reach an agreement on guidelines for building a better future for our planet.

While the politicians are spending hectic days at the conference, the city center is filled with cultural, social, and political activities for the people, - by the people. In these days Copenhagen is turned into 'Hopenhagen'.

'Hopenhagen' is a movement, which aims to raise awareness and interest for climate issues among people. A giant globe at the city hall square is showing messages from people all over the world, who support the idea of making a difference. (Become a citizen of 'Hopenhagen' and write a message here)

The 'Klimaforum09' (Climate Forum 09) presents more than 190 inspiring talks, exhibitions, films, music and theaters - for free!
I am looking forward to get inspired, and hope for a peaceful and fruitful 'COP15.' Enjoy Hopenhagen!

Photo: People bicycling around the Christmas tree at the city hall square, to turn the christmas illumination on.