17 Feb 2013

"PROPER IVY" 1981 Japanese magazine Popeye

I recently found this Japanese fashion magazine "POPEYE" from 1981 in the basement. 
It is interesting to see how 'preppy style' was a trend back then. 

My parents have often mentioned the rivalry between the two Japanese fashion brands "Van" (American Ivy Style) and "Jun" (European Casual Style), both established in the post-war era. Apparently many students chose 'side' (great branding strategies btw.) and it seems like the two preppy brands have had a remarkable impact on Tokyo fashion and sub-cultures in the 60ies-70ies. 


What a PROPER IVY should know about tweed. 
7 brands you should know as a "PROPER IVY"
What PROPER IVY should know about tennis and music.
PROPER IVY table manners.
PROPER IVY fashion items.
SONY ad.
PROPER IVY stadium jumpers.
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