6 Feb 2013

The Copenhagen Vision Fashion Fair

Visiting the Copenhagen fashion fair last friday, we were cornered by a very enthusiastic man possibly Swedish with a British accent possibly a Brit. He was there helping his Swedish wife Camilla Mørch exhibit her 2013 "Let it rain" collection.  Camilla Mørch's flagship raincoat, was very nice while on the same time, being of high quality and having a high durability. Furthermore, the raincoat came in  a variety of colors and in the cutest little bags.  www.camillamorch.eu

The Copenhagen Vision fashion fair was taken over by the Swedes! 
Another cool Swedish brand a. nordin


This multifunctional bag, actually consisted of two bags, where the inner bag (represented by the inner part of the u shape) can be used singularly or replaced for the same bag in a different color. www.anordin.com

 A very interesting Danish brand,  Epoque a subbrand to Edith&Ella Copenhagen. 

Ilse Jacobsen a popular danish brand. Mainly because of their stylish rain boots, the popularity has even extended to Soul; South Korea, where the boots, like in Denmark are "hot stuff"! 

Even the Italians were represented at the fair. The Italian brand Pashmere, sell relaxed design made of 100 percent cashmere and produced In Italy. www.pashmere.it

Finally, there was yet another very promising swedish brand, diis. Very feminine & very soft. www.diis.se 


Last but not least, a mix of facinating designs from different brands.  

From left to right, top to bottom, Trend & Design www.naturescollection.dk , Chimpanzee, Sneaky Fox & Soaked in luxury www.soakedinluxurycom.