22 Sep 2009

The Edith & Ella story エディット&エラ・ストーリー

The first time I entered the Edith & Ella boutique on Store Kongensgade in central Copenhagen I was totally fascinated by the atmosphere. The interior and the collection were telling a story, which differed from the other Danish fashion brands that I had seen so far.


The designer Line Markvardsen established the brand in 2004, and named the company after her two grandmothers 'Edith' & 'Ella', and they have always been the source of inspiration for her collections.

Edith&Ellaは2004年にデンマークで生まれたファッションブランドです。ブランド名の「Edith」と「Ella」はデザイナーLine Markvardsenの2人のおばあちゃんの名前です。Edith&Ellaは彼女達の活躍した1930年代〜1950年代のヨーロッパで流行したディティールがいっぱい。自立していながらつねに女性らしさを忘れない彼女達にたいする憧れからそのブランド名は生まれました。

Every Edith & Ella collection has an unique story to tell, and consists of a wide range of items, including lady's wear, bags, belts, shoes and boots. The brand is characterized by its feminine and chic style, which always has a twist of glamour of the past.


Today Edith & Ella has four brand shops in Denmark, the latest opened in 2009 in a historical building at Købmagergade (Copenhagen city center). Moreover, Edith & Ella collaborates with its neighbour 'Royal Café' owned by Royal Copenhagen, where you will be served by waitresses wearing Edith & Ella aprons♡


Edith & Ella official website